How to Restore iTunes Library Windows 8?

You are referring this page implies that you are a Window 8 user and facing problem with your iTunes library files. Don't worry! You reached at your correct destination, Windows 8 iTunes library recovery is no more a big deal to make. You just need to go through the below topic and you will find the perfect solution on how to restore iTunes library Windows 8.

Windows 8, the latest Operating System by Microsoft Windows is available to user in both 64x and 82x bit versions with different editions ranging from Home to Pro edition. One can store and play their favorite music collection using Windows default media player but users can enhance their listening experience by choosing iTunes media player. iTunes media player is available for different versions of Windows and user can customize their music and library with this. Easy and attractive library management feature makes iTunes as one of the best among other media player available in market. Also, iTunes media player is free to download user can download it easily from iTunes site. User can download music, albums, movies, podcasts etc. from iTunes store which is open for user 24x7. Downloaded items never needs to be sorted, iTunes will automatically sort them in respective playlists that the user created previously.

Like all other versions of Windows Operating Systems, Windows 8 also stores iTunes content in its “C:\Users\username\My Music\iTunes\” folder. User can locate the folder by browsing the users account library located by default in C drive of Windows OS. Inside the iTunes folder all media files resides in a folder named as iTunes Media. All contents added and downloaded are saved by default to iTunes Media folder. So iTunes Media folder may be considered as the most important for the user. As unfortunate events cannot be predicted and user can lose their iTunes library because of any certain mishap. All or certain items which are downloaded or collected by the user or even the iTunes Media folder is no more available. In such case, user needs an advanced software to recover iTunes library after reinstall, which helps users to complete the process of recovering in few mouse clicks. Before going to Windows 8 iTunes Library recovery procedures, let us know about few common factors responsible behind the problem.

Reasons behind iTunes Library file loss in Windows 8 Operating System

  • Accidental and unfortunate deletion of media files while browsing them in iTunes Media folder.
  • Improperly synchronizing iTunes music from iPod to Windows 8 may also result in loss of precious music files from iTunes of your iPod.
  • If user is not using a trusted antivirus program or the antivirus is out of date, then Windows 8 system is vulnerable to virus attack and thus media files of iTunes from iPod will be no longer available to user.
  • In case, if the Windows 8 Operating System is corrupted or crashed and user wants to install a fresh copy of Windows 8 Operating System then reinstallation of OS is required. However, reinstallation process requires formatting of the partition where you are reinstalling the Windows 8. Therefore, reinstallation of Windows 8 will remove all media files present in iTunes Media folder along with all other data resulting in data loss.

Procedure to retrieve Windows 8 iTunes library

Whatever may be the reason behind the file loss from your iTunes library, you can easily restore itunes library windows 8 by utilizing iTunes Library Recovery Software that is compatible with Windows 8 Operating System. This software is able to get back Windows 8 iTunes library in both 64x and 86x bit versions. Scan procedure provided by this software is very simple as it takes very few minutes and gives all results prior to iTunes library restore process. This software also provides you inbuilt file signature options that recognizes each and every type of files that belongs to iTunes library. All these features makes iTunes Library Recovery Tool a powerful and handy software. This software is available in demo version, which provides you preview option to evaluate recovery results and if you find files in recovered list then you can simply buy the full version to restore all of them. This software can recover deleted iTunes movies, videos, songs along with all other files.

Steps by step approach to restore iTunes library Windows 8

Step-1: Download the demo version of the Windows 8 iTunes Library Recovery software and install it on your machine. Run the software by clicking on it to perform iTunes library recovery from Windows 8. Select “Recover Photos” option from the main screen as shown in Figure A.

Restore iTunes Library Windows 8 - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step-2: According to the loss scenarios, choose either "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" option as shown in Figure B.

Restore iTunes Library Windows 8 - Select Option

Figure B: Select Option

Step-3: Select the drive containing the Windows 8 iTunes library from the available disk drives in the list as shown in Figure C.

Restore iTunes Library Windows 8 - Select Logical Drive

Figure C: Select Logical Drive

Step-4: Once the scanning and recovery of iTunes library is done, you can easily preview restored files using Preview option either in “Data View” or “File Type View” as shown in Figure D.

Restore iTunes Library Windows 8 - Preview Restored Files

Figure D: Preview Restored Files