Tool to Restore iTunes Library from iPod

For a music lover, iPod is one of the best among every other devices available, as iPods are portable media players with great features providing excellent music listening experience. The concept of iPod is launched and developed by Apple Inc. Previously, it was only possible to listen songs using iPods i.e., when it was launched but later Apple introduced video viewing features that extends the capability of the iPod devices, which thereby increases the number of iPod users along with it. iPod comes with only internal memory, you can’t put or insert any types of memory card to extend the memory capacity as it comes with enough internal memory to store a thousands of media files in it. iPod is available in four different versions the touchscreen iPod Touch, the ultra-compact iPod Shuffle, the compact iPod Nano and the hard drive-based iPod Classic.

Like other digital music players available in market, iPods can also be used as external storage devices. The storage capacity depends upon iPod model i.e., it’s ranging from 2 GB for the iPod Shuffle to a huge capacity of 160 GB for the iPod Classic device. User can add audio and video files to iPod by connecting it with your system. To add songs, user needs to connect iPod using a USB cable. By choosing the iPod icon on iTunes user can view library and playlists present in the device. Now by opening the library and playlist user can add media files into iPod device then user can add the files and folder by clicking on either add files button or add files drop-down button. Like other devices, iPod are also prone to data loss and it can occur at any time. But with the help of iTunes Library Recovery software, you can able to restore iTunes library from iPod. If you want to recover deleted itunes movies or any other storage device where iTunes is installed then also you can take the help of this easy to use software and get back iTunes movies very easily.

Reasons behind loss of iTunes songs from iPod

Some of the most common data loss scenarios from iPod are listed below

  • Accidental Media File Deletion: Most of the time user deletes iTunes library songs from iPod accidentally while using the iPod device for some other purpose.
  • Abrupt Removal of iPod: To transfer files into iPod its need to be connected with a system but if the iPod device is removed abruptly then you may lose songs of iTunes from iPod including its other data.
  • Software conflicts: If the software or its updates are not compatible with your iPod's settings then you may have to reset your iPod, which leads to loss of media files from iTunes of your iPod
  • Virus attack: If your system is infected with virus then it may get into iPod when you connect it to synchronize your iPod's data resulting in loss of iTunes library from your iPod.

How to restore iTunes library from iPod?

Whatever may be the loss scenario, user can retrieve iTunes library from iPod using iTunes Library Recovery Software. User need to connect the iPod by using a data cable before going to recover iTunes library from iPod. This software is specially designed to restore iTunes library from iPod. It comes with built in signature which is able to recognize almost all types of files formats that are supported in iPod to get back iTunes library from iPod. This effective iTunes Library Recovery Software has powerful and fast scanning feature that enables users to perform iTunes library recovery from ipod within few minutes. Just follow few simple steps that are outlined below to recover iTunes library from iPod. If you have reinstalled Operating System and lost iTunes library songs then also you can restore iTunes library after reinstall by using this software.

Steps to retrieve iTunes library from iPod

Connect the iPod by using a data cable with system to recover iTunes library from iPod.

Step-1: Download the demo version of the iTunes Library Recovery Software and install it on your machine. Launch the software by clicking on it to recover iTunes library from iPod. Select “Recover Photos” from the main screen as shown in Figure A.

Restore iTunes Library from iPod - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step-2: According to the loss scenarios, choose either "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" option as shown in Figure B.

Restore iTunes Library from iPod - Select Option

Figure B: Select Option

Step-3: Select the drive belongs to your iPod to restore iTunes library from iPod out of the available disk drives in the list as shown in Figure C.

Restore iTunes Library from iPod - Select Logical Drive

Figure C: Select Logical Drive

Step-4: View your restored files either in “Data View” or “File Type View” as shown in Figure D.

c - Preview Restored Files

Figure D: Preview Restored Files

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